Super Glues

Super Glues (Cyanoacrylates adhesives – CA) is the general term for very quick bonding adhesives that bond substrates together in a very quick reaction. Super glues bond all sorts of various substrates together, such as wood, plastics, metals, rubbers and a variety of other substances. In general, most of the super glues are single component adhesives, generally clear or slightly cloudy in nature, that are easy to use, fast curing with rapid fixture time. Effectively, they work in the presence of moisture (water), meaning moisture in the air. Most of us have used super glues and have glued our fingers together, probably by accident, because the skin has a high degree of moisture. Often, specialized super glues are used to close up wounds, or seal cuts and scratches. Big Dog also makes an accelerator, and can speed up these super glues so they react even faster. Big Dog supplies them in 4 different thickness, Thin, Medium, Thick, and Gel to suit every need.

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