Adhesive Cartridges

SeamLock is the traditional flowable adhesive used by solid surface fabricators worldwide. With a 20 year history of manufacturing solid surface adhesives, Big Dog Adhesives has made SeamLock the most UV stable, consistent curing, branded adhesive that fabricators count on for color steadfastness, shelf stability, strong and durable bonds, amazing thermoforming properties and long lasting bonds. Available in 500+ colors, if there’s not one you see that will match, we’ll just make you a special color!

PROUDLY MADE in the USA in Elkhart, Indiana, the Hoosier State, with employees like you, we go the extra mile to make it right and get it to you quickly! Unlike other newer manufacturers who haven’t figured out what they don’t know, SeamLock isn’t runny or too thin, or inconsistent, or made with who knows what.

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